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Marist charism & spirituality is dispersed in many ways including in consecrated life, and the association of Lay and Brothers.

Throughout life, our inner spiritual reality interacts dynamically with the experiences we undergo.  Our spirituality is moulded as we embrace the experiences of our lives and it shapes the way we understand and relate to ourselves,  to the world, to people and to God. Christian spirituality fills us with passion for the building of the Kingdom of God. This becomes the driving force of our lives as we allow the Spirit of Christ to lead us.

We live this spirituality in a Marial and apostolic way just as Marcellin Champagnat did. It developed with the first brothers who handed it on to us as a precious heritage. While we share common roots with other Marist ways of life, our spirituality follows the map outlined by Marcellin and the tradition we have received from those first brothers.

While we share common roots with other Marist ways of life, we have a particular spirituality. It is continuously renewed through the action of the Spirit, coupled with our personal and community efforts to cultivate it anew in changing situations and in different cultures. This spirituality strengthens our unity - a crucial element for the vitality of our life and mission. 


You can read much more about Marist Spirituality here. 

Brothers' Life

To be a religious brother is to be a disciple of Christ who intensifies his baptismal commitment by professing the religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.


As a lay consecrated man, he lives with his brothers in community, sharing prayer and witnessing individually and collectively to Jesus’ presence by his service and love, especially among young people. If you would like to enquire about life as a Marist Brother, contact

Brothers Kees, Sam and Fergus spent many
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