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Who are the Marists of Champagnat? 

The Marists of Champagnat and Marist Brothers are an international religious institute of the Catholic Church. They were founded by the French Catholic priest St Marcellin Champagnat in 1817.

When did the Star of the Sea Province come into being? 

The Province began in December 2022 and combines 11 countries across Asia, Melanesia, Micronesia, Aotearoa / New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific islands.

How do Marist Brothers fit within the Catholic Church?

Whilst a part of the broader Catholic Church, the Marist Brothers operate as a distinct entity with its own structures and rules. As a result, there are differences in the way that Marist Brothers operate and live compared to other distinct Catholic entities, such as Dioceses and other religious congregations.


Who leads the Marist Brothers internationally?

The Marist Brothers worldwide are headed by the Superior General in Rome who is supported by a Vicar General and a General Council currently made up of six Councillors General. Provinces around the world - including the Star of the Sea Province - work with and report to the Superior General.


Are Brothers the same as Priests?

Whilst there is a commonality in our Catholic traditions and faith – and the shared response to the call of God to serve - Marist Brothers are distinct in their formation, vows, life and community compared to that of a Diocesan priest for example. The key difference is that a Priest is ordained whereas Brothers, who take religious vows of their respective congregation, are not.


Are the Marist Brothers part of a Diocese?

The Marist Brothers Star of the Sea Province operates as an independent entity to the Diocesan structure but has long standing and obvious connections within the broader Catholic Church and its governance structure.

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