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Marist Spirituality

What is Marist Spirituality?

Rooted in Marcellin Champagnat's Vision

Marists live out their spirituality in a Marial and apostolic way, following the example of our founder, Marcellin Champagnat. Our spiritual heritage developed with the first Brothers who handed it down as a precious legacy. While sharing common roots with other Marist expressions, our spirituality follows the map outlined by Marcellin and the tradition received from those pioneering brothers.

A Dynamic Spiritual Journey

Our inner spiritual reality is in constant interaction with the experiences we undergo throughout life's journey. It is molded as we embrace each moment, shaping how we understand ourselves, the world, our relationships, and our connection with the Divine. For Marists, Christian spirituality ignites a passion for building the Kingdom of God, becoming the driving force that guides our lives as we allow the Spirit of Christ to lead us.

A Distinct Yet Evolving Charism

Although rooted in shared Marist origins, Marist spirituality is distinct. It is continuously renewed through the action of the Holy Spirit, coupled with our personal and community efforts to cultivate it anew amidst changing situations and across diverse cultures. This living spirituality strengthens our unity – a crucial element for the vitality of our life and mission.

Living the Gospel, Following Mary's Way

Marist spirituality transcends mere rituals or formulas; it is a living embodiment of the Gospel, following in the footsteps of Jesus as Mary did. It is a way of life that permeates our very being, guiding our actions, shaping our perspectives, and inspiring us to be agents of transformation in the world around us.

The Marist Family: A Church Gathered Around Mary


From the very beginnings of the Marist Family, which started with the promise at the church of Our Lady of Fourvières, the founders envisioned the disciples gathered around Mary in the upper room as the symbol and metaphor for what the Church needs to be for its renewal.


Marcellin Champagnat's Vision

Marcellin Champagnat saw his Brothers as men of God and men of the Church. They were not merely catechists or teachers but brothers to needy young people, with the essence of their relationship rooted in the spirit of brotherhood. In fact, before the group received its official name from Rome, Marcellin would frequently call them Brothers of Mary.




A Pathway to Holiness


This resource is one of many that a Church gathered around Mary uses to give glory to the God of all things, the one who calls us in Christ to holiness – a holiness that belongs to the whole People of God. May this be a way into Mystery for you who use it, so that Mary, the first disciple, may teach us to know the whisper of His Presence, by whom we have our breath and very being, and in whom we are called to follow, as she did.

Embracing the Marist Charism

At the heart of the Marist charism lies a deep devotion to Mary, the Mother of God, and a commitment to living out the Gospel in her footsteps. The Marist Family, comprising religious brothers, sisters, priests, and lay associates, draws inspiration from the early Christian community gathered around Mary, seeking to embody her spirit of humility, service, and unwavering faith.

A Renewed Vision for the Church

The Marist vision offers a renewed perspective for the Church, one that emphasises the importance of community, simplicity, and a deep connection with the marginalized and needy. By gathering around Mary, the Marist Family seeks to be a beacon of hope and transformation, embodying the values of the Gospel and working towards the renewal of the Church and society.Join the Marist Family on this transformative journey, embracing the richness of the Marist charism and allowing it to shape your spiritual life and commitment to building a more just and compassionate world.

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