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From Celebrating National Days to Green Initiatives: Pacific Marists' Endless Journey of Joy and Inspiration

The Marist communities across the Pacific, despite the occasional hardships that accompany life on semi-remote islands, always radiate infectious enthusiasm, unshakeable determination, and remarkable resilience. The unending flow of love, laughter, and camaraderie is as constant as the waves that wash the shores of our islands.

Recent weeks in the Pacific have been a whirlwind of activity! From the colourful Bougainville Day and Solomon Islands Day celebrations to encouraging young students in Samoa to be eco-friendly through various initiatives, the Marist communities across the Pacific continue to showcase their fierce national and cultural pride and commitment to environmental stewardship.

Br Cyril Benora (in red) and a student from Bougainville helps out in preparing Tamatama.

Bougainville day and Solomon Islands National Day Celebrations

The Madang community in Papua New Guinea recently hosted a special gathering where friends of the community were treated to a culinary adventure. The highlight of the event was the preparation of Tamatama, a traditional Bougainville delicacy.

Bougainville Day was also observed at Madang and the community joined the Divine Word University in celebrations.

Br John Curry was invited to give a talk on the occasion.

Br Carlvin (Bougainville) demonstrating his skills in making his native delicacy.

Br John Curry during the Bougainville Day celebrations.

Cultural presentations at Divine Word Institute Madang to mark Bougainville Day.

The Laumanasa Community in the Solomon Islands also recently celebrated the Solomon Islands National Day with great enthusiasm and pride. The event showcased the strong Marist presence in the country and highlighted the integration of local culture with Marist traditions. Champagnat Marists gathered at the Laumanasa House, named after the first Solomon Islander to die as a Marist Brother, to break bread, share stories and celebrate their beautiful nation.

Our two Solomon Brothers Hudson and Epalle in front of car decorated with the Solomon Islands National Flag.

Samoa Leads in Environmental Stewardship

Marist Brothers Primary School in Apia, Samoa, has taken a commendable step towards environmental conservation. The school has implemented an innovative waste management system, encouraging students to properly dispose of plastic waste. This initiative serves as an inspiration for other Marist schools in the Pacific, contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution in our oceans.

A wonderful ecological initiative by the management and teachers at Marist Brothers Primary School Apia, Samoa.

Keep it up, young Changemakers!

Technological Advancements in Kiribati

In a significant technological leap, the Marist community in Kiribati has become one of the first in the Pacific to adopt Starlink satellite internet. This advancement promises to enhance connectivity and open new opportunities for the community.

Kiribati was one of the first countries to receive connection set ups for Starlink in the Pacific. Our community there is the first to have been introduced to this satellite connection method.

Champagnat Marist Reflection in Fiji

The Champagnat Marist group of Fiji recently convened at Lomeri for a reflective session on their identity and mission. The gathering was enriched by the presence of Kiwi volunteer Tony Sinkovich, symbolising the connected nature of our Marist network.

The Champagnat Marists met at Lomeri, Fiji.

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